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New Releases!

2017 is getting more interesting! Here is another composition by SHISHA! Life needs an escape, an impulse to run to a new space and embrace life like never before. Well, thats what we did. A love song composed and sung by Shamroz Khan and Sivaranjini Das, lyrics penned by Ko Sesha. This video was shot half a day in Berlin. Hope you enjoy it! #AasaiVanthaal #original #shishamusic

Eid Mubarak! Selamat Hari Raya! Best wishes to Muslims celebrating around the world. Dedicating this new single from us to you! #SalamAlaikum #Eid #Original #SGmusic

Enjoy our Live performance at Kalaa Utsavam 2016 @ The Esplanade Singapore! 

#TheAathichudiMovement - This music video is a humble attempt to support inclusion and encourage people of different abilities to come together and accept one another. Music by Shamroz Khan. Produced by Shisha Productions.

Download song: 

iTunes and Apple Music:

#TheAathichudiMovement - One Dream that includes all. Coming soon.

28 August 2015. The Official Music Video of Yetho. #yetho #supportlocal #SG50

Download song on CDBaby, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon

3 August 2015. Dare to fall in love again! SHISHA is very excited to announce the audio release of our brand new song, YETHO. Hope you enjoy and share the love. Music Video coming soon. #yetho #supportlocal #SG50

SHISHA is very excited to annouce the release of our music video, Tholaithooram. 

A composition that won 3rd place in the 17th Billboard World Song Contest (2010). Hope you enjoy and share the love. #tholaithooram


Support local music. We CAN create. 

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