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Follow our band SHISHA and their live performances on this space. 

SHISHA LIVE @ RED DOT AUGUST 2017 - 20 August 2017

Don't miss 2 power-packed live shows!

Where: Esplanade Outdoor Theatre (Singapore)

When: Sunday, 20 August 2017

Event: Red Dot August

Timings: 7.00 pm  and 8.15 pm 


They are back again on Red Dot August 2017!

Enjoy the evening with Drummer and multi-instrumentalist Shamroz Khan and Vocalist Sivaranjini Das, together known as SHISHA. Born and bred in Singapore, the duo hail from different musical backgrounds, when fused together they create melodies with a unique edge. They explore a multitude of sounds and genres from various cultures.


The musical duo have produced 2 albums and new singles - Yetho, Tholaithooram,The Aathichudi Movement that have moved the hearts of the people.


In Red Dot Music Festival, SHISHA will be presenting their popular original compositions, in a dynamic collaboration with their musician friends. You can find their music videos on their Official Youtube Channel.

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