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School / Workshop Programmes

Primary and Secondary School Programmes and CCAs - Recreational, Educational and Wellness

'Drum Prodigy' Programmes

Drum Circles, Post-Exam Wellness Programme, Talent Development percussion ensemble for students.


Drum Prodigy Programmes available:
- Infant/toddler Club (parents bonding) 
- Preschool Health-drumming
- Junior Health-drumming 
- Youth/adult Health-drumming

Target group:

Special Needs (SPED schools)

Primary Schools

Secondary Schools






'Magic in my Hands'


Puppetry masterclass and workshops that include building handmade puppets from scratch using variety of materials and tools, role-playing with themes, scripting. Learn to build faces, body parts, hair and costumes. 


Hand puppetry

Finger puppetry

Shadow puppetry


Target group:

Special Needs (SPED schools)

Primary Schools


Testimonials from the lives we have touched...

"Sham and Jini are simply blessed with a gift to connect through rhythms with our child who has Down Syndrome. Kyle loves drumming and looks forward to his circle of friends!"

Marylyn, Mother of Kyle

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