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Shisha Productions Pte Ltd a one-stop media production & music education company. 


Started out as an independent record company by her founders Shamroz Khan and Sivaranjini…to simply release their debut EP in 2007. Today the company has placed a name in the field of media and education industry. Bound by the knowledge and experience of media and music, they have been producing several religious / band / demo albums, commercial productions.


With countless ups and trials in the music and media world, and even reaching the possibilities of spilt-up, the company grew stronger, kicking obstacles, with an awakening to glue their talents and capabilities to reach greater heights with determination. The reason behind their determination – to share their talent and knowledge to others.


And it happened…


Shisha Productions won 3rd place in the 17th Annual Billboard World Song Contest under World Music Category in 2010 with the melodious 'Tholaithooram' song track from their 'Music Masala' album. We hope to receive many more accolades and achievements.




We are an oyster of wonders. Mirror that captures true image. Blue, white and black are the official colours. Blue is the colour for both the sky and the ocean. It's White for purity. Black is a classic. A touch of grey for its timeless and solid quality. Our new logo embeds a metallic finish to enhance its dynamism. The logo paints it in a sentence – We communicate with music.




With its humble beginnings in 2007, the Drum ProdigyTM (DP) health drumming programme has become very popular and successful, producing many talents of mixed abilities. Read more.





Welcome to The Audio Cave, a humble studio suite with regular needs for audio production and music arrangement for those who love the homely setting. Find out more.



SHISHA - The Band


Formed to perform LIVE music of their originals, covers and world music at any event or festival. For bookings, contact band leader Sham now! - (Tel: +65 94575501)

Drum Prodigy Official Logo

Drum Prodigy Official Logo

Design strategy: First hand-drawn by SHISHA and edited on Illustrator and Photoshop. Image shows a drum circle with people (black) and their drums (white) .

Little Woodstock

Little Woodstock

Music and Movement programme for children Design strategy: Treble clef with red heart shape - Music taught from the heart. Colourful letters - colour that appeal to children.

Shisha logo

Shisha logo

Our new logo.

Drum Yoga

Drum Yoga

Healthdrumming with Yoga movements

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