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Original Songs created by SHISHA - our space.

Listen to our creations.


Sometimes the simplest of words make a good song.


Composed by Shamroz Khan

Music by Shamroz Khan

Lyrics by Shamroz Khan

Singers: Shamroz Khan feat. Ranjini Das


This song describes the heart of a broken lady who is coming out from her past and seeks solace from a friend. 


Composed by Ranjini Das & Shamroz Khan

Music by Shamroz Khan

Lyrics by Yugabarathi

Singers: Ranjini Das

The Aathichudi Movement

A classical Indian poetry by the legendary Ovvaiyaar is brought to life on modern day with the dynamic touch of world music. Enjoy this original composition that will lift your spirits up. 


Lyrics: Ovvaiyaar

Music: Shamroz Khan

The 2-Min-Jam Vlogs

Collaborations, fusion, world music and much more.

Let’s communicate with just 2 minutes! Artistes and friends come in and out our cave for projects or jamming or simply visit. Very often some of those crazy moments get missed and that’s the main reason why we came up with this ‘2-Min-Jam’ video blogs under our Shisha Productions YouTube Channel. The idea is to capture the magical moments as SHISHA collabs with our musical buddies in the studio in just 2 minutes. Complete freedom. You will hear more of the duo from SHISHA - Shamroz Khan and Sivaranjini Das bringing musical cultures and moods in one space with no ego or limitations. The only rule here is time – 2 minutes. Anything from covers, originals, acapella, instrumental, to Milo tins or pins.

Jam, record and shoot!

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