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Sivaranjini Das 


If there is Pinky there will definitely be Brain. 


Ranjini Das (Sivaranjini), is a professional vocalist and composer. A disciple of Smt. Kalyani Puranik of the Kirana Gharana, she has been performing both classical and light classical music for over 10 years. Her repertoire in Hindustani music includes Khyaals, Thumri, Kajri, Hori and folk. Before she moved into Hindustani classical she had learnt Karnatic Music since young. She found her way into the commercial world through songwriting and composing and enjoys every moment of creating originals. 


Achievements in Music

She is a co-founder and partner of SHI SHA PRODUCTION, a music production and education company since 2007 with the aim to provide quality sound and music, and to nurture musical talents. The company provides music education to mainstream and special needs schools through a variety of creative music programmes such as Drum Prodigy. She is the designer of all programmes and curriculum offered by SHISHA. 


She has an excellent ability to create a stunning melody or improvise your melody and understands the importance of connecting with the audience. A composer and vocalist, she has produced 2 albums – Music Masala (2007) and Ilamai Jolly Jolly (2008) and singles. Her composition had won 3rd place in the 17th Annual Billboard World Song Contest under World Music Category in 2010. She also teaches music in mainstream and special needs schools. 


"Children are the best teachers; not us adults." - Sivaranjini 


Academic Achievements

She has BA in Journalism from Monash University, Diploma in Mass Communications from Ngee Ann Polytechnic Singapore. She has also pursued her interest in Special Needs Education by attaining her Diploma in Learning Disorders Management & Child Psychology from the Council of Allied Educators Singapore.



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